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Our Portfolio

Partnering with high-performing change-makers inspires us; combining instinctive drive and rich international outlook. In return, Auster is a trustworthy advocate and an intellectual anvil, helping ensure the ideas of our Founders and Management teams take their best shape.

Proud partner to change-makers


Supporting value creation

Auster’s ability to support value-creation in Asia is unparalleled. We bring to bear 200+ years of combined cross-border investing and operating experience across Healthcare & Life Sciences, Industrial Technology and Consumer Products; further supplemented by a trusted network of former CEOs / Chairmans of the largest companies in Asia, Europe and North America. Our Management Teams routinely draw on this accumulated knowledge to navigate complexity and change.

"Few investors in Asia – and even fewer in the mid-market – can match Auster’s access to such a deep bench of operational expertise"

Nelson WangOperating Partner